Longtime Truro Church minister fired for accessing online pornography at work

A longtime minister at one of the country’s largest and most prominent conservative Anglican churches has been fired for repeatedly using a church computer to surf for pornography, an official at the Fairfax church said.

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5 comments on “Longtime Truro Church minister fired for accessing online pornography at work

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    Of course I would rather not post something like this, as it makes the heart sad.

    I am simply asking people to pray for all involved and for a redemptive outcome.

  2. Kendall Harmon says:

    From AH:

    Dear Fr. Harmon

    Yes, we should pray for all involved, and to that end the post has its value. Perhaps there is more to do: reliable figures show that somewhere near half of all clergy use on-line pornography; many are addicted. In my counseling experience, I find that these pastors/priests are often oblivious to the harm or potential harm that results. Perhaps we should respond to such a story by discussing measures that would forestall such use and provide help for those who are seriously addicted.

  3. Kendall Harmon says:

    From CW:

    Wow, a terrible development but read beyond the headline for the silver lining. Brown+ admits he has a problem, and +Minns admits that in retrospect the situation was not handled properly in 2005. Conservative parishes are not immune to sinful behavior (of course), and what I’m seeing, thankfully, is that there was a godly and judicious reaction – that’s what is important.

  4. Kendall Harmon says:

    From TW:

    As a former Truro member, I was shocked and saddened to see this article. As we know, Marshall Brown is not alone in suffering from this scourge. While it appears all involved are dealing with the situation with decorum and maturity, my heart breaks for Brown and his family. I remember him as a man of great humor, great humility, and great love of the Lord. The richness of my family’s experience at Truro (three baptisms, a confirmation, and a reception) was due in no small part to Brown’s ministry. I pray he receives the grace he needs to battle this evil, and that he is able to turn adversity into redemption. His gifts are many, and needed for building up and sustaining the Body of Christ.

  5. Kendall Harmon says:

    From FP–

    As a serial blog commenter I am in no position to cast stones, and am aware that there is a risk of addiction in any internet activity and so I suspect internet porn and internet gambling are just the same, being just a mouse click away, and every bit as devastating as gambling, alcoholism or any other physical addiction, and no less difficult to shake off. It is an issue we have discussed in church among the men, although no one knows to what extent it is prevalent, but I suspect that in the way that the enemy attacks Christian leaders, this is an important part of his weaponry.

    I have a lot of time for Truro Church – they are a model of mission and of service locally to prisoners and the homeless, and internationally through those they sent out to spread the Gospel. I have had the privilege of coming across a number of these wonderful Christians and being enriched by my contact with them – one of the blessings of the internet which is of itself a neutral medium.

    It sounds as if the priest concerned has been a part of the development of Truro’s ministry, notwithstanding the issues he has struggled with at the same time.

    I pray for both him and his family, and for Truro, its leadership and bishop that, subject to the overriding safety issues involved, they will be able to show the same compassion and support for him as they do for others, and that they will in this set us an example of the very best that Christ requires us to be, loving our neighbor, as ourselves – praying for God’s redemptive Grace and healing for all, and as ever, in accordance with His guidance and His will.