In West Sussex Two Anglican Bishops back anti-cuts campaigners

The Don’t Cut Us Out campaign supporters will address West Sussex county councillors, urging them to change their minds over cuts.

And supporting them in a letter to councillors are Bishop John Hind of Chichester and Bishop Mark Sowerby of Horsham.

In their letter ahead of the debate on the petition against cuts in a full council meeting, the bishops address councillors.

They want councillors to “work with petitioners properly to examine and review alternatives to the changes in eligibility for care and the cuts to day care; and that the current rapid implementation of these changes be paused while reflection and scrutiny on the way ahead take place.”

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4 comments on “In West Sussex Two Anglican Bishops back anti-cuts campaigners

  1. David Keller says:

    Typical. Everyone wants cuts and also for their to be reasonable discourse. Then someone actually proposes something and is immedaitely demonized for cutting on the backs of the poor. Then the liberals go back to the old rhetoric. Does this sound familiar? BTW it is now official as of last week. The greatest medical problem facing the poor in the USA is—-you guessed it–obesity.

  2. farstrider+ says:

    +Hind and +Sowerby are not liberals.

  3. Jeremy Bonner says:


    While you’re obviously right that everyone wants cuts to fall in areas that don’t affect them, it can be enlightening to peruse the “Rotten Boroughs” section of the British satirical magazine PRIVATE EYE, to see how some (not necessarily all) councils are choosing to implement the cuts (and where they’re choosing to avoid applying the pain).

    Unless a policy of uniform percentage cuts across the board is adopted (and few governments, national or local, are doing that), then surely it’s surely reasonable for people to state objections?

  4. Teatime2 says:

    Exactly, Jeremy. Just spoke with a friend who lives in Surrey. For the first time in her life she’s going to join a protest in London next week concerning the NHS cuts. She told me that U.S. big pharma is trying to exert influence on the MPs to make the NHS more “Americanized” — to benefit themselves, of course.

    The poor and middle class will bear the brunt of the cuts. Business interests will do whatever it takes to ensure they won’t feel any pain and can, instead, benefit.