Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject proposed assisted suicide ban

Swiss voters rejected a proposal to ban assisted suicide and suicide tourism in the Canton (political district) of Zurich.

In a referendum on Sunday, about 85% of voters in Zurich rejected a proposal to end legalized assisted suicide while about 78% rejected a proposal to stop the practice of suicide tourism by foreigners in their Canton.

Two conservative political parties, the Evangelical People’s Party and the Federal Democratic Union, supported the referendum, promoting palliative care as the best option to care for seriously ill people at the end of their lives. The groups argued that the presence of assisted suicide clinics run by the Exit and Dignitas organizations, and their promotion of suicide tourism, damages Zurich’s image.

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3 comments on “Swiss voters overwhelmingly reject proposed assisted suicide ban

  1. Br. Michael says:


  2. A Senior Priest says:

    Good. Though suicide is generally to be avoided.

  3. carl says:

    2. A Senior Priest [blockquote] Good. Though suicide is generally to be avoided.[/blockquote] Good? Suicide is not “generally to be avoided.” It is absolutely to be shunned as an idolatrous denial of God’s providence. The reason it emerges in our culture today is that modern man believes his life to be his own property. It isn’t. He has no more authority to end his own life than he does to kill another.