Michael Wright's Hymn for 9/11 written this year for the tenth anniversary

Two numbers are forever etched
Into our hearts this day.
Lord, 9/11 marks us still
As wounded and dismayed.
The number nine,
perfection’s sign
That points us to above.
To One who hears our every cry
And answers, then, with love.

Eleven, Lord, a sign of loss,
Betrayal and betrayed;
Revealing sin, the lies and hate,
That scar us day by day.
As towers fall, as terror strikes
We feel our cross of pain.
As heroes rush,
your healing brings
A gift from Easter’s reign.

Ten years have passed
and now we mark
The depths of that dark day,
As we draw closer to the One
Who promises the way
To move beyond
our brokenness,
Of days like 9/11;
To build twin towers
of peace and love
And make earth more
like heaven.

J.M.A. Wright+ 2011
Tune: Kingsfold, arr. Vaughan Williams

–The Rev. Michael Wright is rector, Grace Church, Charleston, S.C.; those of you doing services this week or weekend I commend this to you for your consideration


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One comment on “Michael Wright's Hymn for 9/11 written this year for the tenth anniversary

  1. NoVA Scout says:

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It reminds me of the most extraordinary song written about 9/11, one that was written decades before the event. It’s called “Pride of Man” (I think) and was written by Hamilton Camp (sometimes referred to as Bob Camp). It’s in the folk vain, not sacred. Not sure where you can find it, although Gordon Lightfoot, for one, recorded it. It makes specific reference to towers burning and the chorus has a refrain “Oh God, the pride of man, broken in the dust again.” It’s an uncanny song when listened to against the events of 9/11.