Jordan Ballor–How Christians Ought to "Occupy" Wall Street (and All Streets)

What this means is that there are Christians who already occupy Wall Street every day in their occupations as businessmen and women, bankers and investors, traders and executives, secretaries and receptionists, janitors and security guards. The church’s responsibility to these “occupiers” is to provide them with the moral and spiritual formation necessary to be faithful followers of Christ every day in their productive service to others.

A group of business and ministry leaders in the UK articulated this in a recent letter to The Times of London, in which they observed, “Many Christians today work within mainstream business, attempting to be ‘salt and light’. Others run organizations . . . that are committed to using business and finance to bring social benefits, raise living standards and create jobs.” Through these kinds of efforts such business leaders “are part of the broader effort of the Church to reform capitalism by going to the root of the problem: the human heart.”

Christians therefore must occupy the world in their occupations, doing all their work as Christians, whatever it is, “whether in word or deed,” as the Apostle Paul instructs, “in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Col. 3:17 NIV). In this way the church finds its most significant and transformative cultural engagement through its affirmation of the daily work of Christians who already occupy Wall Street (and all streets).

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