Six church leaders send Alabama governor letter seeking his support to repeal state immigration law

A half-dozen religious leaders this morning delivered a letter to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s office asking him in the spirit of the Christmas season to support the repeal of the state’s immigration law — the Beason-Hammon Act.

“We are writing to let you know that we are praying for you as you consider the multitude of problems caused by the Beason-Hammon Act,” the letter states. “In this time when we celebrate the greatest of gifts, we pray that you will show great political courage and leadership and support the repeal of this unfortunate legislation that has brought such heartache to our State.”

(Letter to Gov. Bentley)

The letter is signed by: Henry N. Parsley Jr., bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Alabama; The Most Rev. Robert J. Baker, of the Catholic Diocese in Birmingham; The Most Rev. Thomas J. Rodi, archbishop of Mobile; William H. Willimon, bishop of the Birmingham area of the United Methodist Church….

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12 comments on “Six church leaders send Alabama governor letter seeking his support to repeal state immigration law

  1. Branford says:

    From the Daily Caller:

    Alabama’s unemployment rate fell at a record pace in November amid stepped-up efforts by President Barack Obama’s deputies to frustrate enforcement of the state’s popular new immigration reform.

    The state’s unemployment rate fell 0.6 percent in November to 8.7 percent, according to new state reports, partly because the state’s employers opened up jobs to Americans after shedding illegal immigrants.

    The unemployment rate is far below October’s rate of 9.3 percent and September’s rate of 9.8 percent.

    “The continued drop is proof that people — American citizens [and] legal migrants, have suffered at the hands of politicians who choose politics over economics,” said Chuck Ellis, a council member in Northern Alabama’s Marshall County….

    We do need a viable and enforceable immigration policy in this country, but we need to reward legal immigration and punish illegal immigration (including those who employ illegal aliens), and there’s the rub.

  2. Br. Michael says:

    Alabama does not have an “immigration” law. What is has is a state law to enforce existing Federal immigration laws. Laws which the federal government and Obama and Holder, criminally refuse to enforce.

  3. Undergroundpewster says:

    Bishop Parsley probably only did it to avoid the “Abandonment Clause.” ;-]

  4. Yebonoma says:

    The United Methodist Church is pretty much in favor of open borders and full benefits (welfare, in-state tuition, etc.) for all comers. Among other odd things they officially endorse is collective bargaining, a complete ban on private handgun ownership, and a ban on bleached paper. On the plus side they did drop their boycott of Mt. Olive Pickles after they got assurances that Mt. Olive would force its cucumber suppliers to ensure that migrant workers picking cucumbers would be paid “decent” wages. God save us from religious progressives who want to use the government to impose their own peculiar brand of socialist justice on everyone.

    A snarky comment I recently read encapsulates the political realities of our illegal immigration mess – “don’t call them illegal aliens, call them temporarily undocumented Democrats.”

  5. NoVA Scout says:

    No. 2: The Obama Administration has been much more aggressive in enforcing immigration laws than any of its predecessors in the past few decades. The Constitution is pretty clear that foreign relations, border security and naturalization are federal prerogatives. The States have no role in this. That the feds have chronically failed to craft coherent immigration policies is hard to quibble about. However, political failures at the federal level don’t create state functions where none exist.

  6. Br. Michael says:

    None of which the states are doing. They are arresting illegal aliens who are here in violation of Federal immigration law. Laws which a totally criminal administration refuse to enforce.

  7. NoVA Scout says:

    “Totally criminal administration” seems almost recklessly hyperbolic. If this administration is totally criminal on immigration policy, how does one classify previous administrations? All administrations have exercised considerable discretion as to how they apply and enforce immigration laws and policies., although this one has been more aggessive than any in my somewhat attenuated lifetime. The states under the Constitution can’t arrogate that function to themselves. To the extent there are failures of execution and policy development at the national level, there is a political remedy in federal elections.

  8. Br. Michael says:

    I stand by my statement. This administration is not only refusing to enforce this law, but others to in total and complete derogation of their oaths of office to enforce all laws. This administration is totally corrupt and criminal. It is this administration which is doing a criminal end run around set immigration policy by not only refusing to enforce the laws which Congress has passed but refusing and preventing anyone else from enforcing.

    And elections are a farce to this criminal administration.

  9. NoVA Scout says:

    The failure to resolve the inadequacy of current federal laws and policies lies at least as much (I would, if pressed, contend far more) on the Congress than on any of the past several presidents. If No. 8 considers the current administration “Criminal”, I don’t know what the word would be for all the Members of Congress. And, why are elections “a farce” to this administration. They came to power in an election. If they lose one, they’re out. Are you suggesting that if voted out, they would not leave?

  10. Randy Hoover-Dempsey says:

    “Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for…I was a stranger and you welcomed me…”

  11. libraryjim says:

    Don’t forget: this administration has had total cooperation from both houses of Congress which was controlled by the same party with a filibuster proof majority for the first two years of this administration, as well as continued control of the Senate since the last election gave the house to the Republicans. Democrat control of the Senate has blocked any reforms from the House since that time. The Department of Justice is run by Eric Holder, who is either too incompetent to enforce the law or who simply chooses to NOT enforce laws the administration does not like. He has also chosen to bring charges and lawsuits against states that try to get control over invasion by illegal aliens where the Federal Government ignores their plight and pleas for more enforcement.


  12. NoVA Scout says:

    No. 11, I have not noticed any major overhaul of American immigration laws or policies proposed by Republicans in Congress during the first two years (or subsequently) of the Obama Administration. Whether or not Holder is incompetent, this Administration has been far more aggressive on enforcement than the previous half-dozen administrations. The lawsuits brought would have been brought by any previous administration pursuant to their successive obligations to uphold the Constitution. This administration just happened to be in office when the offending state policies were enacted.