(AFP) President Obama tries to forge a compromise birth control plan

US President Barack Obama Friday announced a compromise to defuse a row over access to birth control which prompted election-year Republican critics to claim he was waging a war on religion.
In a concession, Obama said his government would no longer require religious organizations to offer free contraception on employee health plans and decried opponents he said had turned the issue into a “political football.”
But he stuck by the principle that all women should have free access to such services, putting the onus on insurance firms to offer birth control to those working for religious employers like Catholic hospitals.

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3 comments on “(AFP) President Obama tries to forge a compromise birth control plan

  1. Br. Michael says:

    “all women should have free access to such services”

    Ok, why not free services for everyone who wants them.

  2. drummie says:

    Someone please, explain to me where access to contraception is a “right”. The Supreme Court forced aborion on us in the guise of “privacy rights’. Where does the “right” to contraception, free of charge come from? There is no such thing as “free”, somewhere there is a cost and it will fall on all of us. Also, where does the authority to dictate to an industry what they will provide free of charge come from? When I look around, I see the same things I saw last year so I am assuming I am still in the United States. If I am, when did we become a dictaorship?

  3. Br. Michael says:

    We became a dictatorship when Obama was elected. More in particular its a direct fall out of Obamacare and the personal mandate provision which mandates individual health care coverage under the commerce clause.

    That law gives the federal government the power to directly order American citizens to buy or not buy anything the federal government tells them to buy or not buy.