(RNS) Virginia Anglican Churches ordered to return property by April 30

A Virginia judge has ordered seven congregations that broke from the Episcopal Church to return all property to the local diocese — from valuable land to sacred chalices — by April 30.

The Diocese of Virginia had wanted the properties returned by March 30, a week before Easter. But Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge Randy Bellows agreed to give the breakaway congregations more time.

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10 comments on “(RNS) Virginia Anglican Churches ordered to return property by April 30

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    As one of TEC’s lawyers said, “We want it ALL!”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Judge Bellows’ order includes the Sunday School supplies…..including the children’s crayons.

    Talk about petty!

  2. flaanglican says:

    Not to worry. They definitely will NOT be using the term “Episcopal” or “Episcopalian.” You can be sure of that.

  3. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Prayers for these wonderful Anglicans who enrich us all by their faithfulness and their mission focus. Are they moping about? Not at all – they are off to talk about planting churches at Anglican 1000. God bless ’em.

    Rowan Williams – you should hang your head in shame!

  4. RalphM says:

    The order is all inclsive, so crayons will be on the list. TEC/DioVA had bigger pockets to pick in mind, however, as they asked the judge to give them the properties but saddle the departing congregations with any remaining mortgages on those properties.

    Contrast the “steal, kill, destroy” actions of the TEC/DioVA lawyers with Bp Johnson’s public pronouncements. Duplicitous is too kind a term…

  5. David Keller says:

    In other news, the Diocese of Virginia will file for bankruptcy on May1. Be careful what you ask for; you might get it.

  6. NoVA Scout says:

    No. 4’s assertion puzzles me. If someone has left a church, how does he remain responsible for all or part of the mortgage on that property? Some of these properties were clear of mortgages. For the ones that are not, I assume, the mortgages will be the responsibility of the Diocese and the continuing parishioners. What am I missing?

  7. RalphM says:

    NOVA Scout – DioVA asked the judge to give them the property, (which he did), but they also asked the judge to order the departing congregations to continue paying the mortgages. The judge declined to order this ridiculous punishment. This is a matter of record.

    There are two properties (undeveloped land) that have mortgages on them and they are under water on the mortgages. DioVA has the option of not taking title to those parcels.

  8. Katherine says:

    Seems to me the DioVA doesn’t really have the choice not to accept underwater properties, having sued for them and won.

  9. William P. Sulik says:

    It’s funny you mention crayons; I did have a child ask me why the Bishop wanted to take away the crayons. In that situation, you have to be a dispassionate adult and explain that the Bishop really doesn’t want the crayons, he just wants the land and money.

    In any event, anything purchased after the date set by the judge for the break goes with the confessing congregations, which would include the newer crayons. The Bishop can keep the older crayons.

  10. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    [blockquote]I did have a child ask me why the Bishop wanted to take away the crayons.[/blockquote]
    Out of the mouths of babes and infants…