Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, South Carolina calls Tim Jones to be their new Dean

Dear Fellow Trinity Parishioners,

On behalf of the Vestry and the Search Committee, I am pleased to announce today that Trinity Cathedral Parish has called The Reverend Timothy Jones to serve as our next Dean. This exciting news is the culmination of an extensive search under the guidance of the Search Committee, led by Vance Bettis and Bishop Waldo. Tim accepted the call to Trinity following unanimous decisions by the Search Committee and Vestry last week. He will assume his new position on July 16, 2012.

Since 2005, Tim has served as Senior Associate Rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church in Nashville, Tennessee. St. George’s is comparable to Trinity in both membership and budget, with 3,200 members, 715 in Average Sunday Attendance, and an Operating Fund Budget of $3,400,000. Tim’s emphasis while serving at St. George’s has been on adult formation, newcomers, and mission and outreach….

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6 comments on “Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, South Carolina calls Tim Jones to be their new Dean

  1. Don C says:

    On the surface, this appears to be a good for move for Trinity Cathedral and the Upper diocese.


  2. Randy Hoover-Dempsey says:

    I’ve known Tim and Jill for over a decade. He is a godly man, committed to Jesus Christ and to faithful ministry. God bless him and Trinity in this new ministry.

  3. palmettopastor says:

    A good and Godly choice. I hope that his new Bishop will support him.

  4. Sarah says:

    Don C — of course I am feverishly digging below the surface in a perhaps vain attempt to discover that they have made a terrible mistake.

    I’ve spent 24 hours mulling it over and I’m still waiting on two more sources in that Diocese to email me back before I come to some conclusions. Three have sent me rave reviews and I’ve also had a great telephone conversation with a further positive review.

    This is quite surprising — in a pleasantly unfamiliar way [rather than the bloodcurdlingly awful surprises that conservatives in TEC and frequently in this diocese are usually treated to]. It’s such an unfamiliar sensation that I’m most suspicious.

    Surely there is some manure here rather than this seemingly quite lovely horse in this stall!!!! [paraphrasing there] . . . ; > )

    Um . . . but yes. It does appear to be . . . uh . . . *[i]more than a good move[/i]* for the Cathedral.

    [b]But let us suppress hope and redouble our efforts to find Something Awful.[/b] Let us once more find the traditional despair, bleakness, and unpleasant shocks so that I can feel comfortable yet again.

    [i]Above all, let us not get our hopes up.[/i]

  5. Robert Dedmon says:

    Sarah #4 needs to take a vacation.

  6. Don C says:

    Sarah, I’d knew that you’d come through ;). Your use of hyperbole certainly puts words to my raised eyebrow.