(Groton Patch) In Connecticut, a Meeting To Consider the Future of TEC's Bishop Seabury Church

The Bishop of the Connecticut Episcopal Diocese said Tuesday he would meet with area clergy next week to discuss the future of the Bishop Seabury Church in Groton.

The building has functioned as a church since it as built more than 30 years ago, and was the subject of a lengthy court battle.

The congregation of 750 members, called Bishop Seabury Anglican Church, split with the Episcopal Church in 2007, then wound up in court over whether it could continue to use the building.

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7 comments on “(Groton Patch) In Connecticut, a Meeting To Consider the Future of TEC's Bishop Seabury Church

  1. Sarah says:

    Nice job, Ian Douglas. You sued a congregation out of their property and — understandably given your leadership — it’s going to sit empty.

    Maybe some Islamic folks can purchase the property for a song and you can ditch the real estate that way.

    RE: “Douglas said he has not heard from the leadership of the group that split from the church since the last service earlier this month.”

    Really? Why ever not? I mean — I’m sure the departure was friendly and they have nothing but warm feelings towards you.

  2. Sarah says:

    And I love his *only* quote in the article about the congregation’s last meeting at their church: ““With the decision of The Supreme Court we can now put this matter behind us and once again turn our full attention to the work of proclaiming and making real God’s mission of restoration and reconciliation in all the world,” he said.”

    It’s like the guy has Aspergers — or even worse, that he’s Michael Scott from The Office.

    Because that comment stuck in the middle of an article about the last service of the Bishop Seabury congregation is just like something that Scott would say as he’s firing workers or doing something else awful — with unintentional hilarious effect.

  3. tjmcmahon says:

    Now Sarah, remember that Douglas is the odds on favorite to be the next PB, assuming KJS actually retires in 2024, after her second term- assuming she is not declared PB for life.

  4. Sarah says:

    RE: “Douglas is the odds on favorite to be the next PB . . . ”

    He’s certainly trying to be, judging by how he’s managing his career.

    I’m just getting all ready for him — and just think, he’ll have the same level of social skill as KJS! ; > )

  5. Cennydd13 says:

    3. My thoughts exactly, TJ! This guy is a disaster.

  6. Statmann says:

    For a bit of irony, the Dio will no longer be able to claim by TEC Chart the 800 Members, 350 ASA, and $350K of Plate & Pledge. Statmann

  7. Jim the Puritan says:

    #3–Assuming there still is an Episcopal Church in 2024.