Churches not necessarily for public good, says Britain's Charity Watchdog

The Church of England and other religious groups are not necessarily acting for the good of the public, Britain’s charity watchdog has ruled.

Its officials decided that religion is not always for “the public benefit” as it denied charitable status to the Plymouth Brethren, an exclusive Christian group, for one of its churches in Devon.

In a letter to the Plymouth Brethren, the watchdog set out its most recent decision that “there is no presumption that religion generally, or at any more specific level, is for the public benefit, even in the case of Christianity or the Church of England”.

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One comment on “Churches not necessarily for public good, says Britain's Charity Watchdog

  1. Hakkatan says:

    This is the next step in driving Christianity underground. The less biblical the culture becomes, the less they will see us as helping them get the culture they want – and so we become enemies, not friends, of the state.