Diocese of South Carolina Announcement in Today's State Newspaper (Columbia, South Carolina)

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14 comments on “Diocese of South Carolina Announcement in Today's State Newspaper (Columbia, South Carolina)

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    I am very glad to see this in the State which will be read by many all over SC including Columbia and the upstate. I am glad to see more clergy taking this very public stance of support for our bishop.

  2. James Manley says:

    Possibly the most significant thing about this is that Bishop Hathaway signed it.

  3. MichaelA says:

    Very impressive. Plus, the publishing of this notice is in itself a witness to the rest of society, who are likely to take a real interest in what is going on.

    James Manley at #2, please forgive this ignorant foreigner, but who is bishop Hathaway and what is his significance?

  4. James Manley says:

    MichaelA, I don’t believe that Bishop Hathaway (Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh before Bishop Duncan) has publicly split with TEC before this announcement. For a while he lived in Florida, and he attended several meetings of the old Anglican Alliance of North Florida as an interested visitor 7 or 8 years ago but would not leave TEC. I imagine that Bishop Schori will now seek to have him deposed for abandoning the communion or what-not.

  5. Sarah says:

    Very thankful that this is in The State newspaper.

    When do we get it in the Greenville News???

  6. SC blu cat lady says:

    Good question, Sarah. I don’t know.

    James Manley and MichaelA, Bishop Alden Hathaway is listed as “Bishop in Residence” at St. Helena’s Parish, Beaufort on the diocese’s website. I believe he is retired now and living near Beaufort, SC.
    Also, Bishop Hathaway gave the homily/sermon at +Mark’s Lawrence’s Consecration in Jan. 2008. I believe Bishop Hathaway was bishop of Pittsburgh when Mark Lawrence was in that diocese as a priest.

  7. TomRightmyer says:

    These congregations do not appear on either today’s Diocese of
    South Carolina ad or on the continuing-Episcopal list. I’d be grateful
    for any information about them.

    All Saints Hampton
    Christ Florence
    Christ Mt. Pleasant
    Advent Marion
    Ascension Rembert
    Atonement Walterboro
    Good Shepherd Sumter
    Holy Apostles Barnwell
    Holy Cross Sumter
    Redeemer Pineville
    Resurrection Surfside
    Iglesia San Juan Johns Island
    Old St. Andrew’s Charleston
    St. Albans Kingstree
    St. Albans Blackville
    St. Andrew’s Mission Charleston
    St. Augustine’s Pinewood
    St. David’s Cheraw
    St. George Summerville
    St. James Goose Creek
    St. James McClellansville
    St. James Strawberry Chapel
    St. Paul’s Bennettsville
    St. Philip’s Denmark
    St. Stephen’s St. Stephens

  8. SC blu cat lady says:

    Hi TomRightmeyer,
    As I wrote before, it is best to go by who voted at Convention. There is not a list of parishes/missions at Convention but there were 41 parishes and 14 missions represented at convention out of a total of 78 (as I counted on the diocese’s website). There were three resolutions before the convention. Resolutions 1 and 2 were by voice vote. So it is impossible to tell how a parish/mission may have voted on those two. Resolution 3 was “by orders”. According to my hubby who was at convention, several parishes/missions on your list were at convention. They may have been some of the the few abstentions. Some of the parishes/missions were at convention and voted “yes”.

    According to another post by Kendall+:

    The final vote (ie Resolution 3), which was by orders, was for approval of amendments to the diocesan canons, likewise removing all such reference to the Episcopal Church. It passed with an overwhelming vote of 96% (71 clergy) in the clergy order, with 3 abstaining. In the lay order, the vote passed with 90% in favor (47 yes with 5 abstentions).

    Because this final vote was by orders (in which clergy and lay delegates vote separately), it may be impossible to know how many parishes/missions abstained from voting. 71 clergy voting yes with 3 abstentions and 47 lay delegates voting yes with 5 abstentions and NO “no” votes is a pretty strong statement of approval for what the standing committee did.

    Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV who has been at the conventions of departing dioceses mentioned that most dioceses were much more divided than South Carolina. He could not remember a convention with NO “no” votes. Truthfully, I think we all need to remember that individuals/parishes will have the time to make a decision if they have not already. Also, just because a delegate abstained from voting does not necessarily mean that the person does not support the actions of the standing committee.

    Tom, I don’t know of any “continuing-Episcopal” list except what you can discern from the “steering committee” of the rump/faux diocese or from a membership list of the “Forum”. That group is not well defined but at the moment does not seem to represent more than 10-12 parishes. If you have such a list, please share. Even in a parish such as Grace Episcopal in Charleston which is the cornerstone parish for the “Forum”/faux Diocese, there are parishioners who support the standing committee and bishop.

    All, please let us all remember the gracious spirit in which Bishop Lawrence gave his address to the Convention and aim to be just as gracious towards those with whom we disagree.

  9. sophy0075 says:

    God continue to bless and protect Bp Lawrence and all of the faithful parishioners of SC. KJSchori isn’t finished shooting at them yet, I’m sure.

  10. TomRightmyer says:

    These are the congregations that have been reported as “remaining Episcopal” or accepting the authority of General Convention:
    All Saints Hilton Head
    Calvary Charleston
    Christ Denmark/Bemberg
    Epiphany Summerville
    Grace Charleston
    Heavenly Rest Estill
    Holy Communion Allendale
    Holy Communion Charleston
    Holy Cross Pawley’s Island
    St. Mark’s Charleston
    St. Stephen’s Charleston
    St.Stephen’s North Myrtle Beach
    St. Thomas North Charleston
    And St. Mark’s Port Royal – a congregation served by clergy actually but not canonically resident in South Carolina and not a congregation of the present diocese. One of the complaints in the first group was that Bishop Lawrence had refused to accept this congregation into the diocese.

  11. Ryan Danker says:

    In terms of those parishes staying with the national church, they have a website set-up that includes a list of those they believe are “staying,” whatever that means. I in no way support this effort, but here is there site: http://www.episcopaldioceseofsc.org

    God bless the Diocese of South Carolina and Bishop Mark Lawrence.

  12. Ryan Danker says:

    Or “their site” to use proper English.

  13. aldenjr says:

    #4 and #6; My dad, Bishop Alden Hathaway, did not leave TEC six years ago because he had more work to do in TEC – work that could not be completed in Tallahassee. He went to South Carolina a diocese very supportive of his Gospel preaching and missionary zeal, and found a home at St. Helena’s , Beaufort. He was honored to play a role in the nomination, election and consecration of his former priest, and friend, Mark Lawrence South Carolina’s XIV Diocesan Bishop. Together, with the priests and other lay leaders of the Diocese they have worked to help connect South Carolina into World Anglicanism, a witness for Jesus Christ and his Great Commission. And what a witness they have made for our Lord in five years.

    But if Bishop Hathaway and Bishop Lawrence are to be deposed then at least they can know with blessed assurance that they gave it all and it was TEC, in the end, that rejected their message.

  14. Loren+ says:

    Thank you Alden Jr for your post. And I agree with a hearty, Amen!