Spokesman for Withdrawn S.C. Episcopal Diocese Disputes Renunciation Order

The Rev. Jim Lewis, Canon to the Ordinary for the diocese, told The Christian Post that the official report on the renunciation is inaccurate since Lawrence “never offered a renunciation of his orders.”

“The TEC canons are explicit that such a renunciation must be in writing, to the presiding bishop, expressing the desire to be removed,” said Lewis.

“None of those criteria have been met because it has never been the intention of Bishop Lawrence to renounce his orders. It is also not canonically possible to consider a request for renunciation while another disciplinary canon is in effect.”

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One comment on “Spokesman for Withdrawn S.C. Episcopal Diocese Disputes Renunciation Order

  1. Ralph says:

    [blockquote]And the words that are used
    For to get the ship confused
    Will not be understood as they’re spoken.
    For the chains of the sea
    Will have busted in the night,
    And be buried at the bottom of the ocean[/blockquote]
    It’s clear that the diocese has left TEC, and it seems clear that until +Mark resigns from the HOB, renounces his orders, or is canonically deposed, he is a TEC bishop. My understanding is that he has done none of that. Thus, TEC is in a constitutional crisis of the PB’s own making. And, as far as I can tell, there are no provisions for resolving the constitutional crisis, other than to pretend that there isn’t one.