(NPR) A California School District Owes $1 Billion On a $100 Million Loan

More than 200 school districts across California are taking a second look at the high price of the debt they’ve taken on using risky financial arrangements. Collectively, the districts have borrowed billions in loans that defer payments for years ”” leaving many districts owing far more than they borrowed.

In 2010, officials at the West Contra Costa School District, just east of San Francisco, were in a bind. The district needed $2.5 million to help secure a federally subsidized $25 million loan to build a badly needed elementary school.

Charles Ramsey, president of the school board, says he needed that $2.5 million upfront, but the district didn’t have it.

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2 comments on “(NPR) A California School District Owes $1 Billion On a $100 Million Loan

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    The article is not available.

  2. Terry Tee says:

    I got through to the article. Not for the first time I found myself thinking that public servants get away with practices that, in the business world, might bring a charge of malfeance. And usually not a knuckle is rapped.