(Thinking Christian) Why Same-Sex “Marriage” Seems To Make Sense To So Many

Back in October I explained why I think it is that same-sex “marriage” (SSM) makes so much sense to so many people. It’s because so many””not just SSM advocates””have bought into a distorted definition of marriage that goes something like this:

Marriage is the legally-recognized faithful, uniquely committed, loving, social, economic, and sexual union of two non-blood-related consenting adults of opposite sex”¦.Marriage carries with it certain legal, economic, and social benefits, not least of which is the social approval accorded to the partners’ sexual relationship.

Does that sound about right to you? I’ve done informal surveys among Christians, and I’ve found that even many SSM opponents see marriage that way. They had better look out. It’s a view that’s centered entirely in the couple: their feelings, their benefits, their satisfaction. It’s all about the romantically loving pair.

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