A.S. Haley on the Latest in the Ongoing South Carolina Episcopal Legal Battle

This is a highly unusual development, and will doubtless sow consternation among the SCEpiscopalians and their ilk: It shows that Chancellor Tisdale can read the writing on the wall, and knows that ECUSA cannot succeed in any plan to assume the DSC’s identity through its own actions. Since the injunction now accomplishes nearly all of the objectives Bishop Lawrence had when he authorized the lawsuit (all that remains is a judgment declaring that his Diocese is the lawful and exclusive owner of the registered marks), it will be interesting to see whether or not ECUSA stipulates to the entry of such a final judgment in the weeks ahead. In short, there is nothing left worth litigating. Yes, ECUSA reserved the right to request a modification in the injunction, but at most it would be only to tinker with the fine points (and I can’t think of any). That stipulation was probably included to assuage Mr. Tisdale’s clients.

Where things will go from here is now the question. Bishop vonRosenberg has his work cut out for him — he has to walk a tightrope between keeping the Presiding Bishop happy, and not violating the injunction in any way.

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2 comments on “A.S. Haley on the Latest in the Ongoing South Carolina Episcopal Legal Battle

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    The Curmudgeon saved the best for last. His apt citation of the famous maxim of Sir Walter Scott really says it all?

    “[b]Oh, what a tangled web we weive
    When first we practice to deceive.[/b]”

    So true. It’s so refreshing to see a legal expert who also knows and loves good literature.

    What our liberal foes seem unable to perceive, perhaps because their minds have been blinded by the Father of Lies, is that the whole official TEC pro-gay, relativistic, universalist agenda is based on falsehoods. Everything about it is a sham. A pseudo-gospel that promises pseudo-liberation and pseudo-justice also relies on manifestly rediculous legal claims in which pseuo-dioceses claim property and an identity that is not theirs. The whole things reeks of falsehood from beginning to end.

    But the truth will out. And I’m glad it’s started to do so in the SC courts.

    David Allan Handy+

  2. SC blu cat lady says:

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weive
    When first we practice to deceive.”

    Yes, indeed. very insightful words. They are deceived in their own hearts. That is the problem right there. Stopping the deception would be a good first step. Agreed, the truth will out just not as quickly as we like.