(Diocese of South Carolina) La Iglesia de San Juan –The Church On the Move

Over the last year, La Iglesia de San Juan (the Hispanic ministry of the Diocese of South Carolina) has been in transition. This summer the church changed direction in its witness to the Hispanic people of Sea Islands. Instead of the traditional “open our doors and they will come” model, worship and pastoral care are now taken to the people where they live. Each Sunday evening the “Church on the Move” can be found at one of the many work camps on Johns Island.

The ministry is a mission church of the Diocese of South Carolina under Bishop Lawrence. It was supported for most of its existence by St. John’s Church and other churches in the Charleston area. In its current form the people involved in leadership are from many churches including a number of parishes in the Diocese and Presbyterian churches as well. The list of volunteers from other denominations is growing.

Our goal is simply to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in Spanish, to the people of the Sea Islands.

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8 comments on “(Diocese of South Carolina) La Iglesia de San Juan –The Church On the Move

  1. SC blu cat lady says:

    Excellent missionary work! One of the most amazing things I noticed about this diocese when I first move to where we now live was the missionary zeal! WOWSIE! This missionary effort is in keeping with a very missionary mindset in the diocese! Wonderful work!! As a DOK, I plan on praying for this mission/outreach. Would you consider doing the same?

  2. Undergroundpewster says:

    I like it. Joining in prayer for the church on the move.

  3. SC blu cat lady says:

    Hey Pewster, Glad to read that you will be praying for this mission. I think it is an exciting way to reach people who don’t have any way to get to church…… then bring the church to them!! So simple!

  4. Maria Lytle says:

    Adding my prayers and support for this splendid ministry! I am so thankful that God is using Father David Dubay and so many others to take the Gospel to His people in the work camps. A perfect example of the old adage: there are no passive verbs in the commands of the Great Commission. May God continue to bless and prosper The Church on the Move!

  5. Terry Tee says:

    I found myself wondering about this. I was moved by the reaching out to people on the margin – accompanied by a tact which includes not taking pictures of them for PR purposes. On the other hand: the language of bringing the gospel bothers me. Had they never heard the gospel before? Were none of them baptised Christians? Had they really been ignored by the Catholic Church? (The latter question is not rhetorical but a genuine question to which the answer might be uncomfortable for Catholics.)

  6. Maria Lytle says:

    Father David Dubay can speak for himself, and I hope he does chime in. I don’t think that none of them have ever heard the gospel before. In fact David+ says, * We have met some lovely and faithful people with testimonies that, frankly, put my little waspy walk to shame.* Ultimately, the goal of ministry is not only the proclamation of the Gospel, but the transformation of people’s lives through faith and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We seek to make disciples, not simply hearers of the Word.

    All Hispanics are not Roman Catholics. Even when they are nominally Roman Catholic, and even baptized, many are uncatechized. The Roman Catholic Church does not have sole responsibility for the transformation and discipleship of Hispanic people. I am thankful for all Christians who have the gifts and the calling to serve in ministry among Hispanics.

  7. Terry Tee says:

    Maria, thank you for your response and it is a fair comment. I think that I over-reacted. May we all grow in faith, hope and love.

  8. Maria Lytle says:

    Thank YOU, Terry. May it be so!