A.S. Haley on the recent TEC House of Bishops Meeting–Fiddling While Rome Burns

The Presiding Bishop’s job — and future reputation — is, in effect, on the line. She and her personal Chancellor have been so identified with the litigation agenda of ECUSA (because they run that agenda without interference from anyone else in the entire Church) that they are taking a hit, so to speak, on account of the reversals which that agenda has recently suffered in Texas (Fort Worth), Illinois (Quincy), South Carolina, and yes – let it be said — in San Joaquin (even though there is as yet no final judgment there, ECUSA faces a decidedly uphill battle to convince the California court that its canons allow it to take the property of the withdrawing diocese).

In a (rather desperate, and, some would say) clumsy attempt to protect her prerogatives on the litigation front, the Presiding Bishop (and, as always, her personal Chancellor, whose law firm earns millions each year from the Presiding Bishop’s continuing patronage) asked the “Ecclesiology Committee” to deliver a counter to the “Bishops’ Statement on Polity” promulgated by the Anglican Communion Institute and the Communion Partner Bishops within ECUSA….
That Committee (with membership as noted above) obediently came forth with just such a “Statement”, and presented it to the assembled bishops in Nashville. Wonder of wonders, however — what seemed likely as a rubber stamp of 815’s current litigation claims devolved into a rejection of the Committee’s paper. That rejection was based chiefly on the bishops’ reluctance to submit themselves or their dioceses, by a simple resolution, to any claim of metropolitan authority — but it was also based on their own personal knowledge of the Church’s historical polity.

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2 comments on “A.S. Haley on the recent TEC House of Bishops Meeting–Fiddling While Rome Burns

  1. CSeitz-ACI says:

    I know this issue is raised fairly non-stop, but as it costs far more to litigate these cases than is budgeted in the formal ways that are required, where does the money come from? The longer this litigation engine runs, can TEC officials fail from producing the usual audits that surely must be necessary when this much money is being spent? I am not interested in a cynical answer but in a legally approved one. Do we receive audits of the money being spent by TEC via its provisional bishop litigating processes?

  2. Cennydd13 says:

    I recall the letter from KJS asking lawyers to contribute funds for litigation purposes about three years ago, so I suppose that this could be an indicator of where the funds might be coming from. And remember, Trinity Wall Street likes to spread money around.