Bp. of Chicago–Episcopal Church Files Stay in the Quincy Case

In the two weeks since Judge Ortbal ruled against the Diocese of Chicago and The Episcopal Church, we have been working hard to understand the ruling, assess its implications, and determine our next steps. Last Friday, September 20, we filed a motion for a stay of judgment in the Quincy trial court stating our intention to appeal the judge’s ruling. We continue to maintain, despite that ruling, that the assets in dispute rightfully belong to the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy, now reunited with the Diocese of Chicago. This will ultimately be decided by the appellate court.

These legal proceedings will continue to unfold and I will keep you updated as they do….

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One comment on “Bp. of Chicago–Episcopal Church Files Stay in the Quincy Case

  1. Cennydd13 says:

    And if the courts continue to rule against TEC, then what will you do, Bishop Lee?