Peter Ould–Some Thoughts on the Pilling Report

The Church needs to decide. If sex outside of the marriage of a man and woman is sinful, then the Church should support, commend and hold up as a clear example of discipleship those who despite being same-sex attracted refuse to let their bodies sin in this way. Alternatively if the Church thinks that some forms of sex outside of the marriage of a man and a woman are not sinful then it should have the courage of its convictions and tell those of us who have made the choices we have that we are wrong and misunderstand God’s call on out life. But the one thing it cannot do is fudge the issue and permit both contradictory positions at once. That is an utter theological nonsense.

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One comment on “Peter Ould–Some Thoughts on the Pilling Report

  1. Br. Michael says:

    But of course they can. And they will in order to cover up the fact that they ultimately intend to endorse the gay lifestyle in all its permutations. Honesty from the COE? Don’t make me laugh. It’s no different than TEC.