(NY Times) A Brooklyn Church Uncovers a Long-Hidden Celestial Scene

At Christmas, thoughts at many churches turn to a certain star.

At Grace Church in Brooklyn Heights, thoughts are of a thousand stars or more.

That’s how many long-hidden stars have been uncovered in the ceiling of the building, a 165-year-old Episcopal church at Hicks Street and Grace Court, under a $5 million renovation that includes a new copper roof, new insulation, new lighting, new wiring and a much-needed cleaning of many of the 3,200 organ pipes.

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3 comments on “(NY Times) A Brooklyn Church Uncovers a Long-Hidden Celestial Scene

  1. Ralph says:

    For further information on this parish please…

    See here:

    Lesbian and Gay Marriages
    Grace Church is committed to the full inclusion of LGBT Christians in the life and ministry of the Church. Couples are expected to participate in pre-marital counseling sessions and commit themselves to a life-long union of fidelity, respect, and mutual support.

    (Slightly edited–ed.)

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Did I miss something in the report? How did it manage such a huge restoration scheme ie raise the money?

  3. Charles52 says:

    Star ceilings were common among Catholics until the Second Vatican Council, when the barbarians painted them over in bland neutral tones. I didn’t know Episcopalians had them.