(RNS) Canadian archbishop bans eulogies at funeral Masses

Roman Catholics in Ottawa are no longer permitted to deliver eulogies during funeral Masses, the local archbishop has decreed.

The Feb. 2 decree from Archbishop Terrence Prendergast reminds the faithful that Catholics gather at funerals “not to praise the deceased, but to pray for them.”

Contrary to popular belief, eulogies “are not part of the Catholic funeral rites, particularly in the context of a funeral liturgy within Mass,” the decree stated. Many Catholics, it pointed out, do not know this.

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2 comments on “(RNS) Canadian archbishop bans eulogies at funeral Masses

  1. Catholic Mom says:

    Not the first time this issue has come up. Eulogies are supposed to be delivered at the wake. The focus of a Mass of the Resurrection is Christ, not the deceased. Funerals are becoming drawn out wakes with a little religion thrown in.

  2. carl+ says:

    Would that Anglican clergy were instructed on this matter. Eulogies have no place in the Burial Service, rightfully so.