Archbishop Peter Jensen and Archbishop Ben Kwashi with South Carolina Bishop Mark Lawrence

(Craige Borrett photo)


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10 comments on “Archbishop Peter Jensen and Archbishop Ben Kwashi with South Carolina Bishop Mark Lawrence

  1. David Wilson says:

    Why were they photographed together and where? Was it a chance encounter at the Atlanta airport — I don’t think so! I saw Ben Kwashi and Peter Jensen at the ACNA Assembly but not Mark Lawrence.

  2. Kendall Harmon says:

    This was at the Charleston airport last evening.

  3. James Manley says:

    Charleston is the major airline hub for flights to Jos and Sydney, don’t you know. 😉 Complete coincidence. 😉

  4. Kendall Harmon says:

    Lol #3!

  5. Saltmarsh Gal says:

    So love seeing these three! Thanks for posting. Charleston – the International Anglican Hub, indeed!

  6. David Wilson says:

    And the purpose of this shindig was to do a little crabbing on Edisto Island

  7. SC blu cat lady says:

    Archbishops Jensen and Kwashi were in the Charleston this past weekend at two different parishes. More information from the [url=] article from the Diocesan newspaper[/url], Jubilate Deo

  8. David Wilson says:

    #7 Drats! So pedestrian an explanation for their visit. I was hoping for some thrilling intrigue, at the least.

  9. SC blu cat lady says:

    I think those parishes probably thought it was thrilling to have the Archbishops with them. We seriously considered going to Christ-St Paul’s to hear Archbishop Kwashi. However, our plans changed and instead we went to St. Helena’s in Beaufort. Not the first time, parishes in the diocese have hosted visiting Anglican bishops. 🙂

  10. David Wilson says:


    I am sure they we thrilled. Last year 3 Archbishops preached at our parish — Uganda, Southern Cone and ACNA and as the rector I was thrilled.