(CNA) Vatican Releases Working Document for October Synod on the Family

In his address, Cardinal Baldisseri revealed that the outline for the bishops’ October discussion is divided into three parts, the first focusing on the communication of the Gospel in today’s world, while the second part addresses the pastoral program for the family in light of new challenges.

The instrumentum concludes with the third part, which centers on an openness to life and parental responsibility in the upbringing of children.

“Dedicated to the Gospel of the family,” the first part of the outline “relates to God’s plan, biblical and magisterial knowledge and their reception, natural law and the vocation of the person in Christ,” the cardinal explained.

“The difficulties that arise in relation to natural law can be overcome through more attentive reference to the biblical world, to its language and narrative forms and to the proposal to thematize and deepen the biblically inspired concept of the ”˜order of creation,’” he explained.

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One comment on “(CNA) Vatican Releases Working Document for October Synod on the Family

  1. Tory says:

    Pope JP II first synod, I believe, was on this same subject. First synods are often a hint to where a papacy will focus its attention. This synod bodes well for the whole Christian church.

    I keep sensing the subtext of Pope Francis’ message is the nuptial nature of the Gospel. I take this as confirmation of that sense.