(CT) What Sermon Illustrations Should Be Banned From Pulpits?

I want to ban the story that is vague. That vagueness is often seen in lack of detail: “There’s a story of a man who made lots and lots of money. He found a family in need and helped them. By his giving, he showed the love of God.”

We would serve our listeners much better if we did some writing and said, “Jon earned $650,000 last year, counting his bonuses and stock options. He was excited, because he and Betty needed only $80,000 a year to cover all expenses. He began to think about families he could help and bless. By their generous planned giving, Jon and Betty showed the love of God.”

I want to ban the mono-genre illustration. I have a pastor colleague whose every illustration is from the world of sports. Another friend draws every illustration from politics and current events. To demonstrate a balanced and well-rounded life, I want to draw from the fields of literature, the arts, sports, military history, entertainment, and business.

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