(Get Rel.) For those paying close attention: 'Tone' of this Vatican rough draft may sound familiar

Some of the most interesting debates taking place in Catholicism these days on family and marriage issues revolve around the work of gay Catholics who are orthodox in their stance on church teachings, as articulated in the Catechism and elsewhere.

Yes, this is a complex crowd. There are important debates in these circles about the degree to which homosexual orientation itself should be seen as a unique gift from God and, by implication, a part of God’s plan for creation. There are also debates here about the degree to which sexual orientation should be openly celebrated as a key source of a person’s public identity. (Can orthodox Catholics use “gay” language in a way that is positive and helps the church?) I get all of that.

All I am saying is that the language used in these discussions is often very close to the language that news consumers are hearing from the Vatican ”“ filtered through the political, not doctrinal, lens of the press. The “tone” of the discussions in this niche in Catholic thought, and some content, is very similar to the current Vatican language that we are reading.

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