Bishops of Truro and Ely speak in House of Lords Social Justice debate

The Bishop of Truro has called for a ‘major cultural change’ in British society to recognise the need for justice for all – in particular young carers, those who use food banks and families living in poverty.

The Rt Revd Tim Thornton warned against an ‘us and them’ approach to social justice, calling instead for a greater sense of the ‘glue’ in society, or interdependence, that holds together people regardless of economic status.

“Social justice assumes, surely, that there is such a thing called society in which a key value is justice, and implicit in that, is that it is justice for all people in our country,” he told a House of Lords debate on social justice.

“I suggest that there is clear evidence that our society is struggling to understand itself as a society today and there is not enough evidence on the value of justice for all people, for all members of our society.”

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