Ebola In Church: The Reverend's Quarantine Spreads The Word

Since Ebola broke out in Liberia’s capital city, more people have started coming to Sunday service at Trinity Cathedral, says the Very Rev. Herman Browne. And like many priests across Monrovia, Browne has been spreading the word about Ebola prevention through his sermons.

But Browne’s message this week was personal. It came from his family’s encounter with the virus.

For the past three Sundays, the reverend had been under a volunteer quarantine. This week he returned to the pulpit and explained to his congregation what happened.

It all began when his wife, Trokon Browne, went to see a close friend. “The friend … broke down, fell on the floor and started to cry,” Herman said. “Some illness had returned to her, and she was explaining it to Trokon.”

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One comment on “Ebola In Church: The Reverend's Quarantine Spreads The Word

  1. MichaelA says:

    Wow, this is confronting stuff. This is a very courageous couple, he and his wife keeping their heads in face of great danger, and putting their ministry to others ahead of their own needs:
    [blockquote] “But the Brownes went public.

    “I left work immediately, wrapped up everything, called the treasurer, the bishop, my colleagues,” Herman said. Then Trokon and Herman quarantined themselves for 21 days.

    Even their children were not allowed to come upstairs until the couple knew they did not have Ebola.” [/blockquote]

    Also interesting that the Church can have greater credibility than the government:
    [blockquote] “That’s a message Liberians have heard constantly from the government. But many people in Monrovia say they don’t trust the government. They consider it corrupt. So the messages can have more of an impact when they come from a spiritual leader” [/blockquote]