(NPR) A Diary Of Deaths Reminds Doctor Of Life

Doctors rarely talk about death.

Mostly it’s because we’re in the business of trying to help people prolong their lives, which almost always makes death an unwelcome topic of discussion.

Too often, death is seen as failure, though it shouldn’t be. Death is a natural part of the cycle of our lives.

After all the time I’ve spent working in hospitals I’m less afraid of death than I used to be. It can be scary to see death up close. But the end can seem a blessing after you’ve watched patients suffer and witnessed medical treatments that were dehumanizing and fruitless.

Even though my medical practice is mostly confined to the office now, I still confront death regularly. As a part of my practice, I decided to be more mindful about it by keeping a list of the patients I’ve cared for who have died. I call it my necrology.

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