(CT) Ed Stetzer–How the Church Can Reach Nominals and Seculars

Most of us were trained to minister to a culture that had a Christian baseline, but we weren’t trained how to reach people who don’t accept the Bible as true or know about Christ.
In other words, we were trained to focus on Nominals but now we increasingly need to reach Seculars.

There are resources to help with that.

I’m a big fan of Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God. Many use that curriculum for reaching secular people. I also recommend the work of George Hunter, a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary. His book How to Reach Secular People is good, as is James Emery White’s book called The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated.

Do you deal more with Nominals or Seculars? Has your church made progress in reaching either group? What have you found that works in bringing these people to Christ?

Read it all.


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One comment on “(CT) Ed Stetzer–How the Church Can Reach Nominals and Seculars

  1. Jim the Puritan says:

    We use the Alpha Course which works with both Nominals and Seculars. We were using the Nicky Gumbel original, but have moved to the shorter version done by Jamie Haith.