(Time) Ian Bremmer–These 5 Facts Explain Putin’s War in Syria

You have to give Vladimir Putin credit””he has a special talent for changing facts on the ground and daring others to do something about it. Russian bombs are now falling on Syria, though Putin’s intentions remain a subject of debate. But here’s the bottom line: Russia’s strongman has restored his country’s status as a major international player. These 5 facts explain Putin’s calculations for joining the fight for Syria.

1. Putin’s Popularity

Putin has used tough foreign policy words and deeds to boost his popularity at home from the very start.

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One comment on “(Time) Ian Bremmer–These 5 Facts Explain Putin’s War in Syria

  1. David Keller says:

    Why does everyone seem to be so historically ignorant? Russia has wanted warm water ports in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea since the time of Peter the Great. They have been looking at Basra for about 400 years now. Since Obama is letting them have it, they are going to take it–which is historically hilarious, since they have every intent to screw the Iranians. (Yes I realize Basra in technically in Iraq, but Iraq is now irrelevant to the equation thanks to Obama/Clinton, and is essentially under Iranian influence/domination). The reason they invaded Afghanistan in the 70s was to get access to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, either militarily or diplomatically. To coin a phrase, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.