(Windsor Star) Huron Diocese to put historic St. George's Church up for sale

Historic St. George’s Church and Hall, facing likely demolition, will be put up for sale in a last-ditch effort to save it.

But officials at the Anglican Church’s Diocese of Huron ”” which owns the Walkerville property, with an asking price of $250,000 ”” aren’t holding their breath.

“We’re going to proceed with demolition but because the city really would like to see if we can sell it first, we’re going to test it on the market for a couple of months,” Paul Rathbone, secretary-treasurer for the Diocese of Huron, said Wednesday. “But we’re not going to hold it on the market long at all.

“I think the city will see there’s no demand for these buildings. One is condemned by an engineer.”

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3 comments on “(Windsor Star) Huron Diocese to put historic St. George's Church up for sale

  1. Ross Gill says:

    The link takes you to a story about Bishop Cronyn in London, an entirely different church building in a different city from St George’s, Walkerville. It also faces an uncertain future though.

  2. stjohnsrector says:

    The original St. George’s building (1925 with 1955 addition) in Windsor was condemned for structural issues. This parish was cared for for many years by Fr. Kenneth Jaggs, SSC.
    They have moved into another Anglican building in Windsor in July, taking over for a congregation that was failing and ready to close.
    The Cronyn church was a separate issue.

  3. Kendall Harmon says:

    My apologies for garfing up the second link earlier. The focus here was on St George’s, Walkerville.