(Local paper) Frank Wooten–Have we moved from a thankful to a fearful climate?

Last week was Thanksgiving.

This week is fright-giving.

So with apologies to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s epic 1933 pep talk:

We have much to fear, including fear itself.

Read it all.


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2 comments on “(Local paper) Frank Wooten–Have we moved from a thankful to a fearful climate?

  1. David Keller says:

    Kendall–That’s a very weird article. It presents a bunch of vignettes/scenarios which are totally unrelated except the Paris and San Bernardino killings. I remain totally confused about what global warming and Islamic terrorism have to do with each other. I remain confused about what the 2d Amendment has to do with Global terrorism, especially in France where they don’t have the 2d Amendment. And pipe-bombs aren’t covered by the 2d Amendment. I’ll admit that I did think it was a good idea to match the no-fly list with background checks, until it was pointed out to me that James Rosen and Chuck Hayes were put on the no-fly list because they were critical of the Obama Administration. And I am to gather that because there isn’t enough seating capacity at Buccaneer stadium that ISIS is going to attack Charleston? I’m not as much afraid as I am confused.

  2. Katherine says:

    That does seem to be a scatter-shot, perhaps stream of consciousness, set of reflections, David Keller.