Craig Brown: The Sun Has Got His Hat On: A Summer Commentary by Dr Rowan Williams

What exactly do we mean when we say that the Sun has got his hat on? It is, to my mind, an immensely rich and in many ways hugely meaningful image, from which many useful issues not only have arisen, but will continue to arise. Some of these issues concern hats, and their role in today’s multicultural society; others concern the Sun, and its continuing importance and validity for all our citizens, regardless of race or creed, in this, the 21st century. I trust that a fuller exegesis of this remarkable lyric can and will offer a vast amount to, as it were, “chew on”.

Read it all.

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10 comments on “Craig Brown: The Sun Has Got His Hat On: A Summer Commentary by Dr Rowan Williams

  1. DeeBee says:

    [url=]BabyBlue, please call your office . . .[/url]

  2. Sarah1 says:

    Oh Dear.

    ; > )

    For one terrible moment I believed it.

  3. Timothy Fountain says:

    I think I just replicated Susan Sarandon’s breathless “Oh my…” from Bull Durham

  4. Chris Taylor says:

    At least we now know what was going on in all those Indaba groups!

  5. Hakkatan says:

    Is there a saying, or song lyric, saying, “The sun has his hat on”? If so, is it British? I must confess to a general “out of it” condition when it comes to new phrases being used…

  6. Canon King says:

    Yes, Hakkatan, there is a song: The sun has got his hat on. It is one of the main songs of the musical “Me and My Girl”. The Lyrics, there are more, are available in any Google search. I will not post them here as they are offensive to modern ears.

  7. Hakkatan says:

    Thanks, Canon King — I looked it up, and I can see why you would not post the lyrics.

    Last year, or maybe this spring, one of the blogs posted a link to [i] The Lambeth Walk.[/i] That is from the same musical; perhaps that is why the song was chosen for “analysis.”

  8. Hakkatan says:

    And here is a picture of the sun with his hat on

  9. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    At least Johnny Standley was funny with his “preaching” the story of Little Bo Peep. This is just…just…vacuous.

    Earth calling ABC. Earth calling ABC. Are you there, ABC?

  10. Sick & Tired of Nuance says:

    This has got to be a joke. I think I have been had. The ABC could not have written this. Thanks for the clue Sarah. I am soooo gullible sometimes.