The Colbert Report on Sarah Palin for Vice President

Update: Here is a song for the occasion also.

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9 comments on “The Colbert Report on Sarah Palin for Vice President

  1. Cennydd says:

    This is funny…… a CRUTCH!

  2. Jill C. says:

    Stupid, IMHO. Guess I forgot to wear my humor patch today.

  3. John Wilkins says:

    Very funny.

  4. ElaineF. says:

    Um…we’ll see who’s laughing in November!

  5. Dee in Iowa says:

    Come on folks, Stephen does this to both sides…….lighten up and treat yourself to watching him…….he follows Jon Stewart….never miss either….

  6. Cennydd says:

    What you say is fine, Dee, if you’re familiar with this guy, but a lot of us aren’t! His so-called funny joke isn’t the least bit funny, in my opinion.

  7. John Wilkins says:

    Cennydd, The Colbert Report and John Stewart are where most 20-30 year olds are now getting their news.

    “20 months… its like 36 years in the senate.”

  8. Chris Hathaway says:

    It was funny, and unfair of course, but most comedy really isn’t “fair”. He poked great fun at her weak points. What will be funny for me is to see how he and Stewart handle the growing awareness of the strengths of her weak points: how much she accomplished in just 20 months in office. Biden has been in the senate 36 years. What exactly has he accomplished?
    Obama?… yeah..that’s going to be a fun debate.

  9. Cennydd says:

    #7 Yep, and it’s “mocking news” that they get…..”ridiculing news,” the way Colbert comes across. Ridiculing a candidate who may be lacking experience but who at least has the guts to take a stand. Sorry, but I don’t agree with him.