NY Times Analysis–Another Election, Another Wave

Two years ago this week, triumphant Democrats were throwing around the word “realignment,” as in the kind of Democratic majority that could endure for a generation or more. Wednesday morning, those same Democrats awoke to find that their majority had not lasted for even another election cycle.

The question that will dominate the conversation among Democrats in the days ahead is how it came to this, especially since Republicans offered little to voters beyond an emphatic rejection of the president’s policies. Some Democrats believe they fell victim to the inevitable tide of midterm elections. Others blame the economy, plain and simple, while a growing chorus accuses Mr. Obama of failing to communicate the party’s successes.

The truth is that all these explanations probably played some role in the unraveling ”” though, in the case of Mr. Obama’s message, the failure may have deeper roots than his critics assume.

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2 comments on “NY Times Analysis–Another Election, Another Wave

  1. RalphM says:

    “…while a growing chorus accuses Mr. Obama of failing to communicate the party’s successes.”

    Or, perhaps it’s because the electorate understood the “successes” very well.

  2. Billy says:

    NYT, just like BHO is showing in his news conference right now, still does not get it. Agreed, this was not a vote of confidence for Repubs. But this thumping was also not just a normal loss at mid-terms, a normal loss after two successful elections by Dems, the continuing bad economy and high unemployment, and a failure of BHO to communicate with the voters the reasons for his policies and legislation of the past two years. NYT, living in NYC, and BHO, living in the bubble of DC, simply are not willing to accept that the vast majority of this country does not accept or want the control of government, especially Fed gov’t, that the Dems have set up with TARP and Obamacare and Cap & Trade, nor the arrogance of setting up the deficits that were pushed, while telling everyone else to tighten their belts. Hard to believe, but even after the drubbing of yesterday, NYT and BHO are still out of touch with the American people. (BHO said in his news conference a few minutes ago, when asked if the election was a rejection of his policies, that still 1 out of 2 Americans want his healthcare program, and Americans still want unemployment to be remedied by the his clean energy plans. If GWB was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, BHO must have been born with a tin ear.)