The Diocese of Newcastle offers 'Our Top Ten Bright Ideas for 2015' for Parishes

Make new Friends”¦ there are some great examples of Church Friends Groups in the diocese. They take a bit of effort to get going, but can typically double the number of people involved in supporting the heritage of the church and help with fund raising. National Churches Trust offers a useful guide ”“ ask us for a copy.

Arrange an exhibition”¦ this can be a great way to engage local people, especially if this can involve children. Is there a local history link that you could make? Don’t forget that the ”˜Lindisfarne Legacy’ pop-up exhibition is still available for free use by churches to help complement local events.

Design a trail”¦ what are the ten most interesting things about your church, churchyard or immediate surroundings? Why not create a short trail leaflet to encourage visitors to explore and appreciate the significance of your church? We can send you an advice sheet and a template you could use for this.

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2 comments on “The Diocese of Newcastle offers 'Our Top Ten Bright Ideas for 2015' for Parishes

  1. Pb says:

    My parish received over 200 new members last year. We do not use any of the bright ideas.

  2. LfxN says:

    Quick Pb, publish your bright ideas!