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(NBC Today Show Video) Keeping vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

I caught this one this morning as I continue to regroup from the recent knee replacement surgery–watch it all.

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(Public Discourse) Mark Regnerus–The New Birds and the Bees

Our language about sexuality is dominated by public health, with its talk of risk, “protection,” health, choice, and rights. In so doing we scoff at babies””the crowning glory of human creativity””and where they come from.

For all of their intelligence, sophistication, and cosmopolitan ways, Westerners are increasingly uncomfortable with where babies come from.

I realize it’s a humorous and ironic claim to suggest that moderns””who dwell in an over-sexed, over-sensualized world””might actually be uncomfortable with the subject matter of sex. But I’m serious. They’re growing increasingly uncomfortable with where babies come from.

Read it all.

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