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A Great summary video of the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series victory

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PBS Religion+Ethics Newsweekly:Morally Conflicted American Voters

LAWTON: Greg Smith is associate director of research at the Pew Research Center, which has been polling voters throughout the pre-election season.

SMITH: Many of them say they’re disgusted by it, that they’re disappointed. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not engaged, in fact many of them are engaged, but by and large, people tell us they’re very unhappy with the state of this campaign.

LAWTON: Smith says the high levels of negativity can been seen in the nature of the support for the candidates.

SMITH: On both sides we’re seeing people tell us that the support for their candidate is driven as much by opposition to the other side. That’s not just true of Trump supporters, many of whom say that they are supporting Trump primarily as a matter of opposing Clinton. The same thing is true on the other side. There are many Clinton supporters who say that they’re supporting Clinton for president mainly as a matter of opposing Trump.

LAWTON: The negativity among voters often takes on a moral dimension. Many people of faith are among those raising concerns about the rhetoric that has dominated the campaign.

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Cubs' Ben Zobrist – 'a missionary in the big leagues' ”“ wins World Series again

So is Zobrist’s faith showing up in mainstream news reports on his 2016 World Series heroics?

Not a whole lot, as far as I can tell. And honestly, you probably wouldn’t expect a parenthetical reference to his Christian beliefs in a game story on his big hit in the 10th inning last night.

But for journalists delving into Zobrist’s heart and soul after the Cubs’ first world championship in 108 years, that’s an important angle to pursue.

Read it all.

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A Prayer to Begin the Day from L. E. H. Stephens-Hodge

O Lord Jesus Christ, who still today dost tread the busy thoroughfares of life in readiness to heal and save: Open our eyes that we may recognize thy presence; open our hearts that we may trust thy love for us; open our lips that we may joyfully confess thee before men; we ask it for thy dear name’s sake.

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From the Morning Scripture Readings

The Lord is King;he has put on splendid apparel;
the Lord has put on his apparel
and girded himself with strength.

He has made the whole world so sure *
that it cannot be moved.

–Psalm 93:1-2

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Cubs World Series celebration ranks as 7th largest gathering in human history


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Saturday Afternoon Mental Health Break–Mister Rogers Remixed, the Garden of Your Mind

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