(Cnews) When Roman Catholic priests marry

Father Martin Carter is one of only a handful of Roman Catholic priests in Canada who are married.

Formerly a married part-time Anglican minister, Carter, 65, of Charlottetown was a granted rare permission by the Pope to become a Catholic priest after he converted.

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2 comments on “(Cnews) When Roman Catholic priests marry

  1. advocate says:

    That is a completely misleading headline. The Pope doesn’t allow already ordained RC priests to marry. He allows married men to be ordained as priests. These folks need to get their facts straight, and their headlines right!

  2. Ad Orientem says:

    Interesting. The Roman Bishops Conference in Italy just voted to prohibit married priests of the uniate Romanian Catholic Church (Eastern Rite) from operating in Italy. The Catholic churches of the Eastern Rite typically follow the discipline of the Christian East and are allowed to marry provided they do so before ordination. Draw what conclusions you will. But I do note that such abusive practices have in the past driven some Eastern Catholics back to Orthodoxy.