Peter Moore–My Last Visit With John Stott

“There was a man sent from God whose name was John”

John the Baptist, to whom the above reference refers, was beheaded by a king in a palace at a relatively young age. John Stott , who I met in January of 1957, spent his final days on earth in a small bed-sitt er in a rest home for retired clergy about 30 miles south of London. He was weak, frail, nearly blind, and bedridden. He had turned 90 this spring, and was expecting to go home to the Lord very soon. But in his heyday, and for more than a half century, John Stott had an impact on his world akin to that of John the Baptist.

Both were sent from God. Both pointed to Jesus. Both att empted to live very simply. Both had few possessions. Bothwere fi lled with the Holy Spirit….

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2 comments on “Peter Moore–My Last Visit With John Stott

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    Thank you, Peter, for this moving tribute. I vividly remember my first and only encounter with Dr. Stott. As impressed and awed as I was then, I was even more so when I read his The Cross of Christ.

  2. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    Great piece on a wonderful leader who still encourages and inspires me and who through the amazing legacy he has left helps me to go deeper in my faith.
    [blockquote]The unanswered question when we witness the passing of giants is whom will God anoint to pick up the mantle of leadership they leave behind? In the case of John Stott there is no certainty that such a leader exists.

    The man who led him to Christ as a schoolboy, Eric Nash, had prayed that God would give him “a ten talent man.” God abundantly answered that prayer in the case of John Stott who Nash mentored faithfully in the early years of his Christian walk. But given the challenges of the day now it is our turn to ask the Lord for some ten-talent men and women. May he raise them up in our generation, and then may we be ready to mentor them.[/blockquote]
    Amen to that.