(WSJ) Obama Retreats on Contraception

Some Catholics expressed relief but others were unmoved after President Barack Obama on Friday loosened a requirement that religious employers cover contraception in health plans, an issue that had turned into a political firestorm in recent weeks.

Under the new policy, religious employers opposed to most forms of birth control wouldn’t be required to directly pay for such coverage in their workers’ insurance policies. Instead, insurance companies would be required to offer contraception without explicitly charging either the religious employer or worker. That shift means the cost of providing the coverage to religious employers is likely to be spread across all policyholders by insurers.

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7 comments on “(WSJ) Obama Retreats on Contraception

  1. Br. Michael says:

    The WSJ headline is absolutely misleading.
    Either cost of coverage will be hidden in the premium it which case there is no change whatsoever.

    Or Obama is requiring the insurers to insure something for free, really free, and is an unconstitutional taking of property. It is no different than requiring someone to work for free which is prohibited by the 13 Amendment.

    The WSJ does a great disservice with this headline.

  2. tgs says:

    #1. Thank you. Your absolutely right, but what we must remember is that Obama is a Saul Alinsky radical Marxist who has declared war on the Constitution and who is successfully implementing a coup. Indeed, he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. This contraception ruling is just one more instance of weakening the Constitution.

  3. sophy0075 says:

    Whether one has to pay for contraception is not the issue; it is whether one has to accept contraception. The Obama Administration is still forcing it down the throats of these organizations, as well as down the throats of secular organizations. Why should a hypothetical “Mr Smith” who owns a construction company, be required to offer contraception in his small business’s insurance coverage if he thinks it is amoral? Why is this not a violation of the hypothetical Mr Smith’s freedom of religion? Of course it is, but it is now the unwritten law that the secular, relativistic “feels good” philosophy that is now the state religion of our Nation trumps all other religions.

  4. Br. Michael says:

    3, true. This has been un-Constitutional from the start. The entirety of Obamacare is un-Constitutional, this is a resulting subset of that.

  5. Jim the Puritan says:

    It is now so clear that if government gets the right to control your health, that means it can totally control your life.

  6. drummie says:

    Obama hasn’t retreated from anything. He is still a servant of the father of lies and evil and is the personification of that evil himself. The man has no conscience so does not understand the “violation of conscience” everyone talks about. What is wrong with just saying that what he is doing is WRONG, for all reasons. He is trampling the constitution underfoot without a care, he violates religious freedoms because he doesn’t believe in them. The man is a tyrant who is anti Christian and ant constitution. If he is an Islamic snake in the grass as others have described him, it seems he violates Islam as well. If I am not badly mistaken, Islam takes an even harsher view of homosexual acts than Christianity and he fully condones homosex and same sex marriage. He pretends that he doesn’t, but upholds those so called “rights” while he tramples on the rights of Christians. Apparently he hasn’t heard of certain inalienable rights granted by our creator, or he could care less.