New Documentary Highlights Racial Reconciliation Journey in Sanford, Florida

A new documentary, “Sanford: the Untold Story,” highlighting the racial reconciliation journey being experienced in Sanford, Fla., following the tragic death of Trayvon Martin in February, is being released on iTunes, YouTube, and aired nationwide around Labor Day weekend.

In this 30-minute film, CHARISMA founder and program host Steve Strang reveals how local pastors ”“ including black, Hispanic and Caucasian–have taken the lead to confront the racial divide that spans generations in their city by regularly meeting, sharing and prayingtogether.

“I was genuinely moved to see how these pastors have passionately stood together and are now reaching out to help hurting people,” Strang said. “Their story will inspire audiences across the country to initiate a similar approach in their communities–because racism isn’t limited to Sanford, Fla.”

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