(Guardian) Jean Hannah Edelstein–Why shouldn't three people get married?

A good old-fashioned monogamous marriage works beautifully for some. But even the most successful marriages are special and unique and incredibly weird. For much as we have a sweet collective imagining of what a happy union entails, the reality is that they all deviate from the fantasy norm, pretty much from the time that the certificate is signed, the chicken is noshed and the bouquet is chucked. The government can dictate that two people should be in a marriage, but it can’t legislate what will make them feel happy or stable or emotionally complete together. And if we accept that, as we do every time we allow anyone the freedom to make a decision about who they’ll marry, and furthermore allow them the freedom to call each other by execrable pet names in public, then does it not begin to seem strange, just a bit, that we do allow the government to dictate how many people are allowed to pledge to be together forever? Perhaps even as strange as it is for government to dictate who can do it based on their gender?

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3 comments on “(Guardian) Jean Hannah Edelstein–Why shouldn't three people get married?

  1. Teatime2 says:

    This nonsense will continue to go on and on. So can we just get the government out of the marriage business, make people take responsibility for their own relationship decisions and move on?

  2. Second Citizen says:

    As R.A.H. once said, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

  3. Ian+ says:

    Without an objective norm, such as divine revelation, who’s to say who can marry, or how many, or which species?