Most Greeks feel new austerity measures are unfair: poll

An overwhelming majority of Greeks believe new austerity measures the government has promised its international lenders in exchange for more financial aid are unfair and hurt the poorest sections of society, a poll showed on Saturday.

Near-bankrupt Greece needs the European Union and International Monetary Fund’s blessing on measures worth nearly 12 billion euros ($16 billion) to unlock its next tranche of aid, without which it faces default and a potential exit from the euro zone.

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One comment on “Most Greeks feel new austerity measures are unfair: poll

  1. m+ says:

    Of course they feel the measures are unfair. Few people willingly choose self denial and austerity, esp. in today’s self indulgent cultures.

    That said, feelings don’t determine the fairness of a thing. Whether they actually are or not is a whole ‘nother debate.

    Oh, and I suspect we’ll hear lots of this states-side when we finally face our financial situation.