Bryan Owen–A Letter to St. Luke's, Baton Rouge

One of the most powerful ways this joy finds expression is in our worship: as we say the words of the Prayer Book’s liturgies, as we celebrate the sacraments, and as we sing beautiful hymns of praise and thanksgiving. Our patron saint understood this very well. As theologian Don Saliers puts it in his book Music and Theology:

Luke can barely make it through two chapters of his gospel without breaking into song four times: the great canticles of Mary, of Zechariah, and of old Simeon commingle with the angels’ spontaneous Gloria in excelsis.

According to St. Luke, when confronted by the overwhelming goodness, love, and grace of God revealed to us in Jesus, we worship. We give thanks. And we sing!

I am looking forward to doing that with you all on January 13, my first official Sunday.

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One comment on “Bryan Owen–A Letter to St. Luke's, Baton Rouge

  1. Capt. Father Warren says:

    I served as Deacon at St. Luke’s from 1999-2002 and I wish Fr. Owen the very best in his new call. My first association with that parish was in 1987 and I can quite honestly say the life of worship, prayer, and deep spirituality in that body of Christ saved my life. God bless the good people of STL.