(DCR) George Weigel–Rediscovering the Martyrology

Solidarity with the persecuted Church is an obligation of Christian faith. Reflecting on how well each of us has lived that obligation is a worthy point on which to examine one’s conscience during Lent. And that brings me to a suggestion: Revive the ancient tradition of daily readings from the Roman Martyrology this coming Lent by spending 10 minutes a day reading John Allen’s new book, The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution (Image).

The longtime Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and CNN’s senior Vatican analyst, Allen has recently moved to the Boston Globe as associate editor, where he (and we) will see if talent and resources can combine to deepen a mainstream media outlet’s coverage of all things Catholic, both in print and on the Web. Meanwhile, Allen will continue the Roman work that has made him the best Anglophone Vatican reporter ever””work that has given him a unique perspective on the world Church, and indeed on world Christianity. His extensive experience across the globe, and his contacts with everyone who’s anyone in the field of international religious freedom issues, makes him an ideal witness to what he calls, without exaggeration, a global war on Christian believers.

Read it all.


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One comment on “(DCR) George Weigel–Rediscovering the Martyrology

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Another reason why I just love George Weigel. The author of Evangelical Catholicism, among other great books, has hit upon a tremendous idea. We Anglicans need our own equvalent to John Allen and the Roman Martyrology. I wonder if +Michael Nazir-Ali, or someone like him, could produce an Anglican version.

    David Handy+