Andrew Symes–Same-sex marriage and the Church’s response

The focus on analysis has led to (or perhaps is because of?) paralysis among church leaders with traditional beliefs. Typically, there is no urgency. Marriage has been redefined with huge implications for the spiritual and moral health of the nation, and yet many otherwise biblically orthodox clergy are not sure there is a problem ”“ especially since the Bishops have at least for the moment appeared to hold the line. There is little prayer, because of the influence of secularism which teaches us to rely on our management techniques rather than on God, because of the upsetting nature of the topic, and because of a lack of understanding about spiritual realities. “Oh yes, I will pray in general for the nation”, I have been told, “but not specifically about gay marriage”. There is no courage. Clergy tell me privately that they believe in what the Bible says about sex, but their priority is for hassle-free pastoral care, for unity in the congregation, and ultimately for their own livelihood. As a result there is a lack of good teaching in the congregations on this topic, and no action at local or national levels or support for others taking such action.

Of course not all churches in England have capitulated. Many are wanting to stand firm ”“ and this brings division. The church is now irredeemably divided over homosexuality. The Gospel should be truth lived out in experience, but today ”˜my story’ is ranged against propositional truth and right principles. Churches which should be based on the Word and oriented towards their communities are now choosing ”˜community’ over against the Word. ”˜Witness’ seen as cutting the cost of discipleship to get people into church is increasingly opposed to bearing witness to Christ at any cost. Words such as sin, the need for repentance and transformation are now applied more to people who do not approve of same gender sexual relationships, than to people in those relationships.

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  1. Jill Woodliff says:

    Prayers for the Church of England may be found [url=]here[/url].
    God has highlighted the Diocese of Bath and Wells to me, not regarding same sex blessings, but regarding neopaganism and new life in Jesus Christ. Prayers for the Diocese of Bath and Wells may be found [url=]here[/url] and for Glastonbury [url=]here[/url].
    Leading up to Lambeth 2008, we ran two series examining the historical antecedents to the Church of England, entitled [url=]Our Pagan Roots[/url] and [url=]Our Wounded Anglican History[/url].