(L Times) Woman on death row in Sudan for being a Christian–Religious intolerance is rising

The courts have judged that she was born a Muslim (because her absent father was one) and therefore that her claim to be a Christian, following marriage to a Christian man, meets the criteria under Sudan’s version of Sharia for the death penalty. The hanging will not, however, be carried out if she renounces her faith and embraces Islam. This she refuses to do. The sentence of 100 lashes for adultery remains to be carried out some time before her execution.

Pinch yourself. This is 2014 not 1014. Meriam’s imprisonment is an offence against basic human rights. Under any civilised code her crime would be no crime at all, but her murder by the Sudanese state most certainly would be a terrible one. A campaign by Amnesty International for Meriam’s release has already received the support of 147,000 people and we hope that many more will sign up.

But such private pressure, while admirable and necessary, is not enough. It is clear that in many countries of the world archaic religious laws or cultural practices are increasingly becoming a major threat to women and religious minorities.

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One comment on “(L Times) Woman on death row in Sudan for being a Christian–Religious intolerance is rising

  1. Br. Michael says:

    This is not generic religious intolerance. This is Islamic intolerance and it is inherent in Islam. Islam has practiced convert, die or pay taxes from inception. Let’s call this what it is, classic Islam.