(RC Church in Eng. and Wales) A Statement on Women Bishops and the C. of England

The Catholic Church remains fully committed to its dialogue with the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. For the Catholic Church, the goal of ecumenical dialogue continues to be full visible ecclesial communion.

Such full ecclesial communion embraces full communion in the episcopal office. The decision of the Church of England to admit women to the episcopate therefore sadly places a further obstacle on the path to this unity between us. Nevertheless we are committed to continuing our ecumenical dialogue, seeking deeper mutual understanding and practical cooperation wherever possible.

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3 comments on “(RC Church in Eng. and Wales) A Statement on Women Bishops and the C. of England

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    Compare the above with…
    [blockquote] “The introduction of the institution of female bishops will lead to the elimination of even a theoretical possibility of the Moscow Patriarchate recognizing the church hierarchy of the Anglican Church.”—Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk


  2. dwstroudmd+ says:

    AO, the COE and TEc and AcA etc. have no need of Rome, Moscow, or any other Church since they are in constant communion with the only thing that matters, the zeitgeist. All those others are “accessories” and nice if you can get them, since they seem to add legitimacy to the few secularists who might be influenced by this capitulation.

  3. Vatican Watcher says:

    I am not surprised that this weak tea is coming from the RC Church IN England and Wales. The real message was delivered last year or the year before when Cardinal Kaspar stated pretty definitively that women bishops would be bad news for the relationship between Rome and Canterbury.